Elanchoice super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity

Super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity

Planning / Ideation

Every project or an activity starts with planning, which is the most crucial part of any project or implementation of an idea, even a small mistake in planning can cost you a lot of time and money.
One most effective way of planning and brainstorming your ideas is putting everything into a mind map. Here in Elanchoice, we use Mind-map for almost everything to form our course creation, running an ad campaign, creating content for almost everything.

Coggle- super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity

We use Coggle a web-app, which is a phenomenal tool for mind-mapping it allows you to create beautiful mind-maps with good customization options and the app also allows you to share the mind map with your friends and team to collaborate. Even though there are many other tools and browser add-ons in the market Coggle is our go to option. Coggle is available for free with basic features which are good to start with, and there is a pro version with some more added features.

Get your resources

The next most powerful tool which we use for gathering data and collaborating is Evernote. Evernote is a multi-platform app which helps you to collect and organize notes. The notes could be of any form may be a photo, voice memo, type and the browser extension which Evernote offers helps you to grab useful information which could be a URL, article or pic, etc.

super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity


Evernote is also available of free and if you are a power user and if need to get the most out of this excellent tool you can always upgrade to the pro version.

Let’s Begin – Get the ball rolling

Got the plan and resources are ready now it’s time to get our hands dirty.
Now the plans derived from the mind-map could be converted into small chunks of tasks, and that could be taken to a task management application and equally distributed to the team. Here are the tools we use to manage our work and monitor the project. We use Asana, and I would say Asana is one of the easiest ways to track the work of an individual or a team, now Asana has integrated may features to time-track, collaborate and much more.

super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity



super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity


I am also a big fan of Trello we use it for planning actions, to-dos, processes and timelines.
Using planning, writing and promoting a blog post, etc. The UI of Trello which uses boards to organize projects with a glance anybody could know the progress of the project. It’s incredibly easy and fun working on Trello.
You could use Trello as your customized planner for creating content or planning anything.


In today’s distracted environment with always buzzing mobile, social media notifications, emails we are carried ways by these gadgets. To produce high-quality task, we need to have high-quality focus.

super effective ways to skyrocket your productivity


The focusbooster is a desktop application is a timer for the Pomodoro technique of improving focus. Pomodoro is all about using a high level of concentration, boosted by the removal of distractions to complete the work in timed sessions it also helps to maintain task completion sheet (Timesheet). I love this program because it gives me enough breaks for coffee as well as doubles my productivity.
Having a simple and straight forward workflow from mind mapping to the execution combined with these tools will make you highly productive and also allows to produce work of exceptional quality.

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