3 Reasons Why Experiential Learning is the best way of learning.

Gone are the days where we were just learning in class, to score High Percentage in exams.

In 2019, where people have access to their smartphones 24*7, it’s easy for anyone to get information at their fingertips. But difficult to get experience!

Nowadays, the gen Z students are bored with the old school of learning and they are willing to learn, experiment, fail and succeed. Which is a good sign of growth!

Hence, in this post, we will discuss about the 3 Reasons why Experiential Learning is the best way of learning.

1. Learn with Real-world scenarios

When you learn and implement the gained knowledge, you are deeply involved in the process. Your problem-solving skills and decision-making skills will improve.


2. The speed of implementation with Personal Mentorship.

We can raise funds, but not time. Time once spent is gone. The world is full of information, which you can find easily. But when it comes to implementation it is different. You have to take your time, try several times and fail and then come up with solutions.

 Look for a Mentor who has a working system, it’s wise to leverage his knowledge and experience to gain some valuable inputs in less time.

 3. Companies don’t need your Degree

During a school or college days, learning and writing exams just to score good marks or top the college is gone. A skilled person is more valuable asset for a Company than a person with just knowledge.

Companies look for skill set, not your degree, your rank etc. They need a good resource who can start the implementation process from Day 1. How much value you bring to the company by implementing the right strategies is very important.

Do you think Experiential Learning is the Best way of Learning to build your skillset for an Everlasting Career? Please, do comment.

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