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With booming internet tools and technology, people want everything digital. Marketing business for a wider reach is as difficult as setting it up. Conventional marketing has become difficult due to physical constraints, and this is when digital marketing comes to play. Understanding digital marketing is painful at times due to technicalities. However, Digital Scholar has simplified this.

They have digital marketing experts who have been doing an exceptional job of training people. Though the institute was physically set-up recently, there are already several students who have enrolled for the course.

All about Digital Scholar

They are currently on the road to successfully graduating their first batch of students. It is no doubt that they will come out with flying colors. Digital Scholar has paved the way for better learning amidst the hustle in the Chennai market for this course. Students can now expect fun and professional coaching from experts who can train people and make them industry-ready.

Digital Scholar has made the course accessible to all by spreading awareness about this field which will boom in the coming years. This center is marking a vision of reality.


India’s only ‘Agency-Based’ coaching

Digital Scholar is India’s first and only ‘Agency-Based’ digital marketing training institute. They have tutors who have vast experience in the respective field. This provides better education as it is coming directly from the upper-hands.

The best thing about this place is that every student is given individual attention. Anyone would expect that. Individual concentration means a better understanding of concepts and this field being technically oriented; individual care must be given for sound output. One of the fascinating factors is that every single topic related to digital marketing is covered in-depth. They have close to 12 subjects that cover all the concepts.

Regular assessments are also conducted to check the understanding of the topics. These assessments help students gauge themselves on where they stand in terms of knowledge on digital marketing.


There’s brownie support! Check out

The biggest challenge and the most significant part of digital marketing are running ads. Getting this right gives excellent results. Most people get stuck as they are always concerned about spending money on it to get expected results. Digital Scholar has this sorted.

It is rare to find an institute that provides students with money to run their ads and campaigns. With this, one will be able to experiment with ads and get a hold of it. This is done by giving back a part of their paid fees. No other institute would give a helping hand like this, to their students. The faculty also provides up-to-date information about this field by sharing new and upgraded tools on a timely basis.

Google Reviews says it all

As checked recently, the Digital Scholar review stands at a whopping rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 as per Google reviews. This is more than enough to prove the efficiency of the institute. This shows that it is a top-class institute to provide this coaching.

The reason for ‘Agency-Based’ marketing is that they do not believe in textbook learning. Monotonous learning always puts pressure on students, and as a result, they will end up worrying and not concentrating on the subject. Every aspect of this institute is aligned. Be it learning, the methodology, the team, experience, and the classroom. There is no better word than ‘perfect’ to describe all these.


Super convenient and flexible

Digital Scholar is very versatile and convenient. Being a student or coming from the working clan, people might often end up in not taking up coaching for this subject as it might hinder their commitments. Well, Digital Scholar has got that sorted as well. They have weekdays and weekend batches, and students get to pick what suits them best. The faculty is available all the time, and can always be reached out for any clarifications.

Living examples:

We have a live example here on how Digital Scholar has revamped a dull business to a busy store. One of the students at Digital Scholar has implemented practical tools that were taught for better marketing and has earned excellent results. Here is what he has to say:


With ad campaign techniques taught, he was able to pull close to 1000 people in a short span of 4 hours. This is something great to talk about. This is the kind of result that one expects for the money spent on education.


They also educate on how creatively can one post ads. Any usual ad is brushed off, but the same with good content and an attractive frame can earn more viewers. Here is an example of how one of the students has put this in practice:


Also, this is how an advertisement was created by the student from Digital Scholar learnings that has charmed many viewers:


The student says that it was the first-ever time that he had his store flooding with people who have reached out seeing the ads from the internet.

Shaping students’ futures

Also, here is a video on a student’s experience with Digital Scholar. She calls Digital Scholar, a rockstar for it has turned her to one. She has become much effective in working as a digital marketer. The coaching has also helped her boost her talent to work towards her goals more effectively.


The tutors do not only provide technical support but also give immense confidence and support to their students which is very important. It helps them become aspirants. Besides the regular classes, they also organize guest sessions that provide an outside perspective and on-the-field insights to the students.

The institute had recently organized a guest session wherein, the industry’s most eminent people were invited to enlighten the students. Avi Arya; Founder of Internet Moguls, Faheem Ahmed; Founder of BYT Digital, was also a part of and of talk, Sourav Jain, the Founder of the very popular Digital Scholar, was also present. These speakers, along with other invitees, spoke on various aspects of digital marketing and various tools that make one, the best marketer online.

Watch –

Digital Scholar by no doubt, is trustworthy and most importantly, an exceptional place to start a career in the field of digital marketing. The distinctive mentorship and classroom sessions with live examples and hands-on tasks make it unique from all other institutes in the market. If you have already picked them to get yourself enrolled, then you have done the right thing. If you have not yet, then I am sure by now you would have made up your mind on the right thing.

Keep fluttering digital butterflies! Go ahead and enroll for your most favorite subject to outshine others.


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